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Signing up is simple and painless. Depending on your current DMS provider we may already have a program that integrates and pre-approves you for all the great lenders in the FundCars lending platform. If not, you can use FundCars!


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In most cases, your DMS will be integrated with the FundCars Lending Platform already so you will get real-time alerts and updates on your deal status’! If your DMS is not approved for FundCars, we have a world-class DMS built right into FundCars!


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With the click of a button, you have access to hundreds of the best lenders. Send to just one, or multiple, when the loan is purchased you get a real-time alert to secure funding!


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Because of our exclusive deals with our lenders, we can offer you rates that are much better than the lending platforms you may be using now. In comparison to the most popular sub-prime lenders, our rates are up to 15 points less!

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Join the thousands of auto dealers who have said no to the high fees and low satisfaction of other lending platforms. We are the lending platform for the future. 

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With all new technology, there are questions. You ask, we answer.

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Sign up today and arm yourself with the best new tool to fund your deals. The approval process is quick and easy and customers of certain DMS systems are automatically qualified. Call us to see if your DMS provider prequalifies you for Fundcars membership.

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Let one of our friendly advisors teach you how you can maximize your profit through the Fundcars lending platform. You’ll be surprised to see how much more money you could be making with better financing options.

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