Our Vision & Mission

We didn’t start FundCars to get rich, we started it to provide a safe place for our friends and family to buy a car.

When we created FundCars we were looking for a way to provide a safe, transparent car buying experience for everyone.
Many people do not get a great deal on used car purchases. For many people buying a used car is a terrible experience.

We eliminate the middle-man and give you the ability to learn about your true purchasing power. Choose from thousands of vehicles and shop loans from thousands of lenders. Choose your own F&I products and evaluate them based on the REAL price-no more markups.


Empowered Car Buyers

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Why Use FundCars?

We have worked hard to create an honest, transparent used car buying experience.

More Vehicle Options

Don’t limit yourself to the 20 or 30 cars on the lot. Shop from over 10,000 pre-owned and certified used cars, trucks, and SUV’s.

More Loan Choices

With thousands of financial institutions fighting for your business, you’re guaranteed the lowest rates possible.

Safe & Secure

Shop from the safety and security of your own home. All transactions are 100% secure, meeting the same legal standards as a bank.

Our Success Stories

Hear what your friends and neighbors are saying about FundCars.

I got sick of paying 10 points on every deal to westlake. Fundcars lets me choose much better rates for my subprime customers. I tell every other dealer I know about Fundcars, It makes me a lot of money!

Maria Lopez

Los Angeles, CA

We started using FundCars at our store and have never looked back. It was inconvenient to have to look through emails or wait for a phone call or fax to let me know a deal has been bought. Now my DMS gives me an alert as soon as there’s an update. Never mind the better rates, I save a lot of time and that’s what’s most important to me. I would highly recommend using FundCars.

Lisa Randle

Newport Beach, CA

We are here to help you

Our mission is to deliver reliable, prompt customer service.


Sign up today and arm yourself with the best new tool to fund your deals. The approval process is quick and easy and customers of certain DMS systems are automatically qualified. Call us to see if your DMS provider prequalifies you for FundCars membership.

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